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River Kids Charity

River Kids Charity

The festive season is all about spending time with loved ones and showing appreciation for each other. River kids is a non profitable organisation who provide support to the children in West Lothian that may not be fortunate enough to spend the holidays with loved ones.

Can you imagine being young and waking up on Christmas Day to find no presents from Santa? As sad as it sounds, the reality is as many as 45% of children in West Lothian do wake up on Christmas like it’s just another normal day. River Kids make sure that no child goes without on both Christmas and Birthdays. They provide underprivileged children with gifts on these special days to give them memories we were all so lucky to have taken for granted.

This is just a small part of what River Kids do, throughout the year they help fund disabled and gifted children with equipment and services which will improve their lives and help their development. They also provide help to families in their hour of need who may be in crisis. In need of clothing or anything else that they may be able to assist with to make life more comfortable.

At Simply Solutions we recently had an eventful day in the office for our ‘River Kids Fundraiser’. Each staff member had the opportunity to donate money in a bid to ‘Pie’ a colleague of their choice. This was a messy, but very successful day.

With each bid we managed to raise a total of £8,074.14 thanks to all the generosity from the staff, clients and suppliers. All the proceeds are going to a worthy cause, after all, £8,074.14 will provide 807 children with presents this Christmas which is just fantastic. Making this Christmas ‘Simply better’.

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