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Planned Preventative

At Simply Solutions we understand that there are items which do not fall under your statutory obligations, which you may decide to carry out Planned Preventative Maintenance on.

Though implementing a planned preventative maintenance schedule may incur set-up costs, the long-term benefits and cost savings far outweigh this initial outlay.

Emergency call-out costs can be extremely high, and the indirect costs to the business of equipment down time can soon mount up, not including the costs of replacing anything that has too much damage to repair. A planned preventive maintenance schedule will ensure that equipment is maintained, and parts are replaced as and when needed, extending the life of the equipment and reducing the need for emergency repairs.

Preventing any issue before they become an issue is not only more efficient but far cheaper in the long run than emergency or reactive repairs.

Delivering value and
minimising operational risk

Services include but not limited to:
General fabric maintenance
Store lamping programmes
Signage maintenance
Air conditioning servicing
Pest control
Door entry systems

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