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New Employee Daniel Morgan Fitting In To The Simply Family

New employee Daniel Morgan fitting in to the Simply Family

As a relatively new member of the Simply family, I am still learning the cultures and values of the business. Even at this early stage in my career, the few months I have been employed here at Simply are unlike any working environment I have experienced to date. Most companies will say that they have core values such as strong team work and customer care, however in reality this is often not the case. Simply Solutions is an exception to this.

In the short time since I left University, I have worked for a couple of Local Authorities. My experiences during my time in these large organisations left me somewhat disillusioned with where my career was heading. I never felt like I was contributing to anything significant – management seemed distant and there was a culture whereby people were reluctant to accept blame and where no risks were taken.

At Simply Solutions, it became clear to me from day one that this is a company that genuinely focuses on its values. We actively try and do things differently here. A prime example of this is the health drive that we are currently undergoing. The development and well-being of staff is seen as one of the key aspects of the business, and we are being encouraged to eat healthier and try to have a more active and balanced lifestyle. Throughout this period, we have been offered optional benefits such as health checks and nutritional advice that will hopefully help us to achieve these goals. The response from the staff here has been excellent and there is a genuine enthusiasm from everyone towards it. This is not only beneficial to us as individuals, but it has also severed to contribute towards the overall growth and strength of our team.


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