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A happy team is a hard working
and successful team. Quite simply, we embrace
the power of a ‘smile’.
A unique service
needs unique people
To create a successful business, it is essential to employ successful people; provide them with effective training and a solid platform, which will in turn, allow them to flourish.

At Simply Solutions, we understand and embrace this philosophy, employing people with local community knowledge at every level of our organisation. We pride ourselves on having a reputation for attracting and retaining exceptional people – people who are success-orientated, spirited and driven to help others achieve more.

Our clients inform us that our team is our greatest asset, so it is vital that we continue to attract the industry’s top performers and nurture their careers.

Management Group

The Management Group at Simply Solutions has been created to support the day to day running of the business, whilst supporting the CEO and Directors in their vision for the company.

The responsibility of the Management Group is for developing and delivering strategy and priorities approved by the Board, monitoring performance against key operational & financial objectives, acquisitions and disposals, operational issues, customer issues and succession planning. In addition, they continue to actively promote Simply Solutions’ culture and values both horizontally and vertically.

Strong values, promoted by an empowered team of
driven individuals, creates a unique service offering.

Our values drive our people to succeed

Simply Solutions are an International Provider of Strategic Facility Management & Workplace Maintenance. We pride ourselves on challenging the fundamentals of our sector, creating a team of empowered, dedicated staff, who are focused on meeting and exceeding the requirements of our valued clients.

Our business is built on a vision to create a company where everyone can feel valued, where everyone can feel like they are part of something special, where we are working to build a ‘brand’ not just a company. It’s a big vision, but we have a few smaller milestones too:

More opportunities for people to work together.
More creative solutions, to old-fashioned challenges.
More experienced people, delivering world-class customer service.

Simply Better

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We promote an empowering culture, which not only supports our clients with their day-to-day requirements, but also embraces the most difficult challenge, enabling our team to go the extra mile at every opportunity.

Local People, Local Knowledge

Our fleet of local engineers and tradesmen provide a fast and effective approach to property maintenance, embracing all current H&S legislation and providing a common sense approach to any given situation. You can rest assured your property, staff and customers, are in safe hands.

Digital communication

We live in the age of global communication, where advances in technology have led to everyone requiring not just quicker information, but better enhanced quality information, and more of it. Mobile devices are now commonly used to provide up to the minute site information, allowing us all to make key decisions quickly and more accurately.

Tailored solutions

There is no such thing as one-size fits all approach in today’s challenging market place. We are committed to listening to our clients, challenging our approach, and finding new, innovative and creative ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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