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Financial Controller, Husband, Father, Dog-walker, Cyclist, Runner, Drummer

Financial Controller, husband, father, dog-walker, cyclist, runner, drummer

At work, I am Financial Controller for Simply Solutions. Out of work, I am a husband, father, dog-walker and occasional cyclist, runner and drummer.

I have been working in Finance Manager/Controller roles for about 15 years now across a variety of organisations and cultures. Briefly, my career is as follows – I enjoyed school, and following University, I started as an auditor with one of the then “Big 6”, Touche Ross. After some time working in Glasgow, Newcastle and Aberdeen, I moved to The Royal Bank and it was there I started my CIMA accountancy training, which I later completed working in the transport industry, qualifying as an accountant in 1998. Internal promotion took me south to Worksop, near Sheffield and then I had time in the Higher Education sector, and eventually moved back to central Scotland where, after a while, I got the opportunity to join Simply Solutions and work for a growing SME. It was an opportunity I relished and it has allowed me to broaden my experience working for a growing business. Nearly three years later, the company has transformed itself several times and it is a refreshing and dynamic place to work.


What makes me different from others is my personality and values. I am mostly introvert but sometimes have a laugh too. I have always worked hard and want to be valued for what I do. Over the last 5 years or so I have realised it is better to be happy at work, not that work makes you happy, but that being happy and feeling comfortable at work gives you a better chance to perform to your best.

I like helping people and this also relates to items outside of work. 10 years ago I helped a neighbour with a business plan for his new start company, I also helped set up a £2m Church and Community Centre and I help my wife with her year-end accounts and tax returns.

About 6 years ago, family circumstances introduced me to fundraising for JDRF which is searching for a cure to Type 1 Diabetes. The activities we have organised have raised about £6k to date. It is important to see yourself as the vehicle through which money flows to charitable causes. Initially we had social fundraisers, sponsored walks, table-top sales and more recently, following a healthy-living campaign at work, I have raised a few hundred pounds running and cycling this year, via friends, family and colleagues. It all adds up.

Again, due to family circumstances I also raise awareness and fundraise for ADHD. It is a good way of raising awareness and removing barriers which are often centred on a lack of knowledge.

My kids are aged 8 and 11 and they are at a stage where it is ‘full-on’. I know it won’t last but it certainly keeps me busy when I’m not at work.

This year, following an opportunity at Simply Solutions, I got the chance to achieve something I had always wanted, which was to become a Trustee and Board Member at a local charity called River Kids. The charity is set up to help disadvantaged children and their families from West Lothian. This is our corporate charity and I enjoy sharing information about the outstanding work they do even though it means getting my legs waxed at the odd fundraising event. I feel privileged to get the opportunity to do this. It enhances my job and gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

That’s a bit about me, some of which you know and some of which might be new to you. If I can help you at all, or if you want to get in touch, just let me know.


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